A Waitress-eye view of working at the Retro

A Waitress-eye view of working at the Retro

(and this waitress is the boss’s daughter!)

Retro-in-frameWhen the children reach the work experience stage it’s about grabbing any opportunity you can and if the family owns a business then there’s your first chance to find out what work is really all about.  Working as a waitress in a busy restaurant is a challenge for anyone – the mix of people management, juggling kitchen and front of house, the speed of operations, it’s a great test of initiative and hard work.  So we proudly reproduce here our own daughter’s account of working in the Retro.

Over to Meganne:

I’m a waitress and I’ve been working at my father’s restaurant (Retro Bistrot in Teddington, London) for just over a year now. I enjoy the busy, fast atmosphere even though it can be incredibly stressful so waitressing isn’t the best for everyone! The best way to work efficiently in a restaurant is to work together as a team so you must make sure you’re a team player. If you’re an unemployed young student looking for part time work then restaurant work may be the job for you! Friday and Saturday nights are when restaurants need you the most so it’s worth a try…


  • It’s fun! If you have a chatty personality then serving food and having a friendly chat to customers will easy peasy
  • Great for your CV. If you plan on going to university in the future or you need work when you go travelling then having previous experience at various restaurants/bars will help you. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 restaurants in the UK alone! That’s not including bars, cafes and clubs…
  • Trains you to be punctual, the chefs will want their dish to go out to the correct table as quick as possible… the more times they shout “SERVICE!” the angrier they’re getting (and take it from me an angry chef isn’t a pretty sight). It’ll teach you to be more punctual in the future which will help you with ANY job you’re going for.
  • Discounts, majority of the restaurants/cafes you’ll work in will offer you discounts or even free food when you eat out at their restaurant which is great if you’re short on cash and the restaurant you work in serves good food


  • Mean, stroppy or snobby customers are never any fun! If you have a bad experience with a customer it can crush your confidence in seconds, but don’t let them rain on your parade there are plenty other happy customers
  • Busy busy busy! Especially on Friday or Saturday nights and special occasions such as Mother’s/Father’s day. For us, we’re based in Teddington which is about 10 minutes away (on train) from Twickenham Stadium so when the Rugby’s on the restaurant is PACKED! Obviously it’s a good thing because a busy restaurant means lots of customers which also keeps you on your toes! However if you think you won’t be able to deal with a stressful service then waitressing is defiantly not for you

I love working in a restaurant, as you can tell because I’ve kept this job for over a year. Hopefully this will help any unemployed students in Surrey or the rest of the UK looking for part time jobs. There are over 30,000 restaurants in the UK that need YOUR help!


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