Basil’s Back! The Retro’s Very Own Male Fairy….

If you’re new to the Retro Bistrot restaurant in Teddington you may not have met Basil.

He’s the only male fairy in the village… but does he remind you of anyone? Basil will be making a special appearance in the High Street of Teddington. Keep an eye out for him…

Big Basil

Basil – A Wanton Fairy

Basil is the work of local artist Catherine Daniel and was inspired by her meeting with the One & Only Vincent Gerbeau, Maitre D’ of Retro Bistrot and Muse to Many!


Vincent collecting an award from Antonio Carluccio

Catherine decided to include him in her collection of Wanton Fairies – delightful creatures of the garden with a certain ‘je ne said quoi’ about them… being so busy in the garden the fairies generally appear to feel little need for excessive clothing. Basil appears to wear less than most of them – which isn’t a lot.  Most fortunately his dignity is preserved by a crown to represent his special place amidst the female fairies.

Want to see the Real Thing? Pop in or book to eat at the RETRO BISTROT and ask for Vincent…. aka Basil.

What to see more fairies? (Mind your partner’s not watching over your shoulder…!)


wanton fairy

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